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Sweet Supermarkets, Sodexo and… SURPRISE bakery

On our first trip two weeks ago, we had lots of luck getting donations from the smaller, local bakeries in Poughkeepsie. This week was the opposite. On Wednesday we went back into the community, again seeking donations for our bake sale. The small-name bakeries we approached (The Pastry Garden, Sugar & Spice Cafe, to name a few) told us that they had already exceeded their donation quota for the year.

This required a change of our game-plan. We decided to ask chain grocery stores for their help. While we didn’t get exactly what we expected, we got what we needed regardless. Price Chopper in Poughkeepsie could not give us baked goods, but were able to provide us with a $10 giftcard that will allow us to buy essentials for our bake sale, like plates, trays and napkins.

Price Chopper, we appreciate your donation! Photo courtesy of

We had a similar experience with Stop & Shop in Hyde Park. We spoke with the store manager, and he was very enthusiastic about our project. He said he hated to see food go to waste, but nowadays there are so many legal concerns that companies would rather throw away food than face a potential lawsuit.

He told us that he would see if there was any wiggle room in the matter and that he would get back to us with an answer.  We left that day and got a call from him that very night! It was so great to have someone call US for a change… usually we are the ones tracking people down! The manager ended up telling us that Stop & Shop could not donate food to our bake sale, but they could provide us with a $25 gift card.

Thanks again, Stop & Shop! Photo courtesy of

We were really excited and put the gift card to use right away, buying more essentials like baking tins and frosting.

We also had some major help from Sodexo. Instead of asking for a donation of baked goods, we decided to ask Sodexo for their large containers of coffee and hot chocolate. This way, we will have one of each at all four of our selling locations. Sodexo has really come through for us, answering our questions so quickly and efficiently… they have really helped make this such a smooth process!

Sodexo cares! Photo courtesy of

And of course I’m saving the best news for last. You know that amazing local diner that is basically its own branch of the Marist campus? You know, the one that was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives? The one whose menu brings us to tears because it so extensive? The one where your table is silent the second the food is brought out because everyone is too busy feasting to make conversation? And now, the one that will be donating to OUR BAKE SALE?

Yeah, that’s right. We got it. We got the EVEREADY. Brace yourselves, Marist. If we hadn’t already given you enough indication, now you have it. It is going to be one sweet bake sale.

Another reason why we LOVE the Eveready Diner! Photo courtesy of