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Marist’s Great American Bake Sale = GREAT SUCCESS!

The baking dust has settled, the dishes have been done and now we finally have a chance to update our readers!

It’s been a little over a week since our Great American Bake Sale capping event at Marist. Sorry we haven’t posted…we’ve just been too busy regaining our strength.

Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2011 is a day was the longest day in our lives. Probably because it was really three days strung into one excruciatingly long day. Here is a bit of how our day went.

7 am – Wake-up. Lots of prep work had to be done. Lina went to the bank to get enough change for our four cash boxes. Lindsey made sure that everything we had organized the night before was in its proper place. Molly went to pickup a last minute donation of cupcakes from Palace Diner.

9am – Time to load the cars. Several trips were made to the Tennis Court parking lot to load our three cars with an incredible amount of donated, delicious baked goods. After we loaded everything, a few devoted boyfriends arrived to help us set up our various locations across campus.  We set up stations in the Champagnat Breezeway from 11 am to 1 pm, and Dyson Green, Donnelly, and underpass from 11 am to 5 pm.

Lindsey showing off her stuff in the Champ Breezeway.

Molly at the Dyson Green bake sale table.

11 am to 5 pm – You do the math. Three girls, four locations… we were a little stretched for help but the help that we got that morning made everything that we accomplished that day possible. We’d like to give a special shout-out to: Frank Campagnola, Luke Shane, Chris Raia for their superhero efforts. We’d also like to thank the people we grabbed off the street and were given no choice but to help us… so, thank you Christina O’Sullivan, Marissa Sala, Phil Stamatis and Pasquale Magneri.

Of the four locations, we were not surprised that Donnelly was the most successful. Here, we also owe another thank you to Brother Frank for this success. Without his tip to target the academic buildings where the faculty and staff have a large presence, we wouldn’t have thought to set up a stand in Donnelly, or Dyson for that matter.

After we got over the shaky period from 9 am to 11 am, we each settled into our own selling location for a few hours, then switched it up to make sure each station was running smoothly.

A happy bake sale customer enjoying some gourmet bread!

And again, we could not have done this without help. Thanks to the volunteers from Campus Ministry and Comm Arts Society for manning our tables and representing our cause so well!

After recovering from the chaos of planning and prep, the whirlwind day of the event and the inevitable sugar comas we suffered from during our late-night baking session, the donations were tallied. The outcome was overwhelming. We are thrilled to announce that over $730 was raised for the Share Our Strength OrganizationThis contribution will aid in their mission to end childhood hunger in America by 2015.

We can’t express our gratitude enough to those who helped us. Thank you to Brother Frank, Bob Lynch and College Activities, Campus Ministry, Comm Arts Society, local bakeries and grocers, Sodexo, friends, boyfriends, housemates and every other volunteer, baker and donor. Your efforts and support are appreciated more than you can imagine!

Without you we would have never been able to accomplish this. Marist, you made a difference.


The Waiting Game

It’s been a painful couple of weeks. We feel like we haven’t been too productive. College Activities is true to its reputation as taking a long time responding back to student e-mails.

But on the bright, sprinkled cupcake side of life…

Campus Ministry has agreed to team up with us for our bake sale! We have an official date for our event. Our bake sale will take place on Weds. Nov 2. We will selling enough baked goods to satisfy any sweet tooth, from about 11-5.

We’ve also got a few selling locations. We are going to target the academic buildings for the adult workers. We got some great advice from Campus Ministry’s Brother Frank about avoiding the Champagnat breezeway. What freshman carries cash on them these days? We certainly didn’t when we were freshmen, and we really appreciated this advice.

So, instead of putting all of our eggs in the Champ breezeway basket, we will only be selling there for an hour or two, 11-1, during which is when the Run/Walk for Hunger will be taking place. Selling in the breezeway during this time will allow us to take advantage of the masses of people, young and old, students and otherwise, who gather to participate in the walk.

Crowds of students, faculty and community members gather outside the Champagnat breezeway tor Campus Ministry's 2010 Run/Walk for Hunger. Photo courtesy of

We are also waiting to hear back from College Activities about our other proposed selling locations. We want to sell cupcakes in Donnelly by the main entrance, in the green between Dyson and Lowell Thomas and by the underpass.

Once we get these confirmations, our capping project will really take off. Pretty soon it will be time to recruit volunteer bakers from Marist and the community. Even though we’re playing the waiting game, we really have accomplished so much in a short amount of time. Time for a celebratory slice of apple pie!

Hello World!

Welcome to our blog! We’ll tell you a little bit about ourselves. We are all seniors at Marist College. Lina is a PR major and the mastermind behind this project. Lindsey has a double concentration in PR and advertising. Molly is a double major in Journalism and  Spanish. We are  working as a team to complete our Senior Capping Project and have created this blog to track our progress.


Our mission is to inspire national service involvement on the Marist College campus. We aim to go beyond local boundaries and reach out to national non-profit organizations working for recognizable causes. The goal is to motivate our fellow students and the surrounding community to work for change throughout the fifty states. It is our aspiration to not only create a sense of unity, but establish a positive name for Marist College across the country through our service to various well-known and meaningful non-profit organizations.



We are creating a movement–a Marist movement–that will get people on campus involved in charities across the nation. Our movement will be called “Marist to the Rescue – A Campaign for National Service.” Our focus charity for this first time through will be the Great American Bake Sale. Bake sale, you ask? Yes, yes and yes, we say. The Great American Bake Sale takes place all over the United States. Individuals organize bake sales in their communities to raise money and end childhood hunger.


We are hoping to team up with Campus Ministry, one of the largest organizations on the Marist campus. Campus Ministry is involved in all sorts of service projects, which is why we were naturally drawn to the idea of pairing up with them. Also, November happens to be National Hunger Awareness Month, and one of Campus Minstry’s largest fundraisers is the Hunger Walk. We are hoping to collaborate with Campus Ministry on the day of theirRun/Walk for Hunger (Nov. 2) and hold our bake sale that very day, around the crucial transition times between classes. Because of the event, there will be an even greater flow of traffic passing by our various bake sale stations.


We’ve reached out to both Campus Ministry and College Activities, the two most important relationships to have established. We need Campus Ministry to help prepare baked goods and staff our tables during the bake sale, and we need College Activities to approve the on-campus locations of our bake sale. There are also some special rules we must abide because this is a charity event, but those will be explained in detail when we meet with College Activities.

Once we get past these two first meetings, things will start getting more hectic. But for now, we wait…

Waiting outside New York's famous Magnolia Bakery. Photo courtesy of