Help From An Old Friend

We’ve got another celeb on our side. This red-haired personality loves to sing (no, it’s not Reba), loves to joke around (no, it’s not Conan) and loves to have fun with friends (no, it’s not Prince Harry). What sets this one apart from the rest? For starters, he’s a monster.

Elmo has been gracing our TV sets for over 30 years. This is who we grew up with. He taught us about personal hygiene and fire safety, and now he has a new mission. Elmo is concerned about childhood hunger. He wants you to be aware of this problem within the United States and to lend a hand or furry paw, whichever the case may be.

Elmo! Photo courtesy of

Watch the video below to see how Elmo and Sesame Street plan to tackle this problem.

Along with the rest of the Sesame Street crew, Elmo’s Hunger Awareness campaign is helped by the husband-wife duo, country singer Brad Paisley and actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley.

Sesame Street created a character just for this TV special. Her name is Lily, a new Muppet whose family sometimes has trouble affording the food they need.

Sesame Street's newest Muppet. Photo courtesy of

Why did Sesame Street want to get involved? “What’s still missing is that we’re not seeing the face of hunger up close,” says Jeanette Betancourt, Sesame Street’s Senior Vice President for Outreach and Educational Practices.

The special was aired in typical Sesame Street fashion. Information about food drives, vegetable gardens and volunteering were presented in a simple manner. There was ” fun dialogue and upbeat tunes, thanks to country singer Brad Paisley. And Sesame Street staffers make it happen with their usual childlike energy.”

The message was clear. Lend a hand. Seek out ways you can give back to your community. They make it sound so easy. But a lot of the time, it’s not. Life gets in the way. You have a group project due, or roommate drama, or a paper to write, (or more often than not, all three at the same time).

That’s why we are asking for ONLY an hour of your time. That’s right, ONE hour. If you can spend an hour baking something for our Nov. 2 bake sale or give us an hour of your time to work the tables that day we would greatly appreciate it!  Email us at and join Elmo, Lily and the rest of the Muppets in the fight against childhood hunger!


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