Meet the Bakers

Here’s your chance to get to know the three lovely ladies behind the “Marist Bakes A DifferenceGreat American Bake Sale event.




The Basics

Hometown: Haskell, NJ

Major: PR

Minors: Business and Global Studies

Studied abroad in: Florence, Italy, Fall 2010

Career aspirations: I’d like to work in nonprofit public relations, either in private healthcare, like a hospital, or in large national charities that do fundraising, like Share Our Strength!

What You Really Want to Know

Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate, dark.

Dessert you are known for: My red velvet cupcakes are famous at Marist, but at home my mom and I are famous for our cheesecake.

Guilty pleasure: Nutella. Having the jar in front of me is dangerous!

Most underrated baking ingredient: Salt. Adding a pinch to an 1/8th teaspoon of salt brings out the sweetness in dessert!

Food idol: Ina Garten. Although she’s received a lot of negative press lately, her Food Network show and cookbooks are simple, yet absolutely perfect.

5 things to have when stranded on a “dessert” island: Dark chocolate, lemon meringue pie, whipped cream, crème brulee and kettle corn popcorn.

Dessert you fell in love with in Italy: Affogato. In Italian, it means “drowned,” and traditionally the dessert is a scoop of gelato drowned in espresso. I had it at this famous gelateria where the gelato was submerged in thick, Italian hot chocolate. So amazing!

Affogato. Photo courtesy of




The Basics

Hometown: Cromwell, CT

Majors: PR and Advertsing

Minors: Psychology and Global Studies

Studied abroad in: Florence, Italy, Fall 2010

Career aspirations: To be happy. Stop with this future talk! I’d like to work for a non-profit organization in public relations and special event coordination. (Or to be a weather girl.)

What You Really Want to Know

Chocolate or vanilla:  CHOCOLATE

Dessert you are known for:  Christmas fudge

Guilty pleasure: Soft-serve

Most underrated baking ingredient: Oatmeal or graham crackers

Food idol- My mom and Grandma Sacco

5 things stranded on a “dessert” island: Ice cream sundaes, anything with a crumb topping, granola clusters, cookie dough & dark chocolate.

Dessert you fell in love with in Italy- Gelato. Any flavor. Also, their thick hot chocolate- cioccolato caldo!

Gelateria Grom -- The Marist abroad student's Florence-equivalent to Mecca... at least according to us three! Photo courtesy of




The Basics

Hometown: Hopkinton, MA

Majors: Journalism and Spanish

Studied abroad in: Madrid, Spain, Academic Year 2010/11

Career aspirations: To be the editor of a bilingual magazine!

What You Really Want to Know

Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate CHOCOLATE!

Dessert you are known for: In high school I found this amazing recipe for Mexican Chocolate Icebox Cake. I am drooling just thinking about it.

Guilty pleasure: Brownies, the more gooey, the better. Seriously, do not leave me alone with a plate of those. Ever.

Most underrated baking ingredient: It’s safe to say I am obsessed with walnuts. My housemates and my poor parents can definitely attest to that. (Sorry, Mom.)  A close second would be coconut. And when the two are combined with chocolate… heavenly!

Food idol: Whatever cookbook or food blog happens to be open at the time. The kitchen is like my playground. I think I get that enthusiasm from my parents, especially my Dad.

5 things stranded on a “dessert” island: Walnut brownies, ice cream, cookie dough, red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and blueberry pie.

Dessert you fell in love with in Spain: Don’t get me wrong, churros and hot chocolate are great. But you haven’t experienced a true Spanish dessert until you’ve had porras and hot chocolate. To the untrained eye, porras are just a bigger, fatter version of churros. And I agree, they are bigger and fatter. But they are also more delicious. The dough is so much more.. dough-ier, which just enhances the whole experience.

Churros vs. Porras. The churros are so tiny compared to the porras! Photo courtesy of

Does all this talk about desserts and baked goods make you feel hungry? Hungry to make a difference, that is.

We’d love your help at our bake sale on Nov. 2. Email us at to sign up to bring a baked good, to work one of our tables for an hour, or… BOTH! For such a great cause, we need all the help we can get!


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