The Waiting Game

It’s been a painful couple of weeks. We feel like we haven’t been too productive. College Activities is true to its reputation as taking a long time responding back to student e-mails.

But on the bright, sprinkled cupcake side of life…

Campus Ministry has agreed to team up with us for our bake sale! We have an official date for our event. Our bake sale will take place on Weds. Nov 2. We will selling enough baked goods to satisfy any sweet tooth, from about 11-5.

We’ve also got a few selling locations. We are going to target the academic buildings for the adult workers. We got some great advice from Campus Ministry’s Brother Frank about avoiding the Champagnat breezeway. What freshman carries cash on them these days? We certainly didn’t when we were freshmen, and we really appreciated this advice.

So, instead of putting all of our eggs in the Champ breezeway basket, we will only be selling there for an hour or two, 11-1, during which is when the Run/Walk for Hunger will be taking place. Selling in the breezeway during this time will allow us to take advantage of the masses of people, young and old, students and otherwise, who gather to participate in the walk.

Crowds of students, faculty and community members gather outside the Champagnat breezeway tor Campus Ministry's 2010 Run/Walk for Hunger. Photo courtesy of

We are also waiting to hear back from College Activities about our other proposed selling locations. We want to sell cupcakes in Donnelly by the main entrance, in the green between Dyson and Lowell Thomas and by the underpass.

Once we get these confirmations, our capping project will really take off. Pretty soon it will be time to recruit volunteer bakers from Marist and the community. Even though we’re playing the waiting game, we really have accomplished so much in a short amount of time. Time for a celebratory slice of apple pie!


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